Wrigth, Frank Lloyd

Description:  Frank Lloyd Wright was born on the 8th of June in 1869 in Wisconsin.
Author:Gerald Haider
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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on the 8th of June in 1869 in Wisconsin. From the very first beginning his mother wanted him to become an architect. He even wanted to be one. And not an usual one. He wanted to become the greatest architect of the world.

He got his first job in Madison at a building contractor’s office as a supervisor. But that was not that what he wanted to do. He wanted to design buildings not supervise building constructions. Then he went to Chicago, Illinois to look for the job he wanted. There he found a job at eight dollars a week as a draftsman in an architect’s office. He didn’t like the box-like rooms and the houses of bricks and wood.

So he decided to design new kinds of houses. For example the “Falling Water” and the “Prairie Houses”.

The “Falling Water”-house rests on a rocky ledge. It was built in the middle of the nature and under the house there is a river with a waterfall. The especially of the house is the brightness. Light intrudes each corner of the building.

The “Prairie House” is an object that is build with the materials of the nature around to harmony with the landscape. Although the house is designed by Wright the rooms look like boxes.

And another example of Wright’s brilliance is the “Empirial Hotel” in Tokyo, Japan. It’s fundaments are flexible. So the building withstood one of the worst earthquakes that Japan had ever seen.


Prairie House

Falling Water

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